Wood Duck


Wood Duck

Average length:

Males: 20 inches

Female: 19 inches 

 Average weights:

Male: 1.5 pounds

Female: 1.3 pounds


The male wood duck has a crested head that is iridescent green and purple with a white stripe from the eye to the end of their crest and a smaller white stripe extending from the back of the bill to the end of the crest.Their throat is white and a burgundy chest with white specks leading to a white underside.Their bill is is a brightly colored white,black and red. Their feet and legs are of a darker strawish grey color with a red eye.

The female wood duck will have a greyish brown head with a smaller brownish green crest.They have a brownish black eye with a tear drop shaped ring around the eye. They have a white throat with a grayish chest and white underside. Their back is olive green with a iridescent green sheen.Feet are a darker strawish grey color with a blueish grey bill.

Wood Ducks are considered one of North Americas most beautiful of native duck species and is found in and among flooded woodlands,creeks and swamplands throughout a great portion of the US. They are one of the easiest to care for and raise of the wild ducks in captivity.

Wood ducks generally nest in hollowed trees along creek beds, lakes and rivers. They will lay 6-14 eggs in a normal brood. The hen then will incubate the eggs for 27-30 days. The ducklings will fledge the nest early in life and begin their learning journey with the mother which teaches them to feed on seeds,insects, and grasses. Wood duck ducklings have been known to fledge from nests with heights as far as 45-60 feet off the ground with no apparent injuries.

Wood ducks pair off for breeding and usually are monogamous for life. They can be incubated with good success at a temp of 99-100 degrees and 55-70% humidity. Although it is still best to let the mother hatch the eggs if possible. When incubating you can expand the wood ducks clutch by removing eggs from her to inspire further laying.

Wood duck ducklings take a bit more care and understanding when first hatched as the mother teaches them how to eat. In my best experience it is a good rule to try and have other ducklings such as mallards, pekin or other domesticated breeds hatch with them to help teach them to feed .

Wood ducks are considered Migratory waterfowl and may require a permit or license to own.

Apricot Wood duck

The Apricot wood duck is basically the same as regular wood ducks with a genial breeding for the bronze coloring. They require no different specifics than any of the other wood duck. They are just as hardy of a bird.

Silver Wood Duck

The same goes for the silver wood duck. The striking silver color has to be one of my favorite birds on our farm.

We raise and sell each of these varieties every year so contact us for more information.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I would like information about purchasing a pair of wood ducks. Probably a pair of the original wood ducks and the apricot wood ducks. Please let me know if you can ship to Mississippi and what is the process for ordering, would I need a permit to just own them, and would I need a permit to sale them?? I am new to the idea. Any information you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

    • Mike says:

      I will have them come fall and yes you will need paperwork from me to own them You need to check your state regulations as to a actual permit This can be done through your local wildlife agency. To sell them you need federal permits

  2. Rebecca Luedecke says:

    Hi, Do you sell hatching eggs from your apricot wood ducks?

  3. sara says:

    interested in a pair of ducks for pond at new house. Thinking of wood ducks or mallards. New to this. Already existing duck nesting box in pond at one end. What do you suggest. And how much is a nesting pair? Thank you for your help.

  4. Nick Caspar says:

    Do you have any waterfowl for sale at this time? ( I am not interested in domestic breeds)

  5. Julie Ito Morales says:

    I am interested in purchasing a female wood duck.

  6. Ann M says:

    I am interesting your Silver wood duck, price for pair and when it be ready ?

  7. Zaccheus Johnson says:

    How much for a pair of wood ducks?

  8. Jennifer says:

    When do you think you will have apricot or regular colored
    Wood ducks next? How much would do you think
    You might sell them for?

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