About Us

We are a small poultry and waterfowl farm in Louisiana.

We strive to produce the best quality product possible.

You can order Hatching Eggs,ChicksĀ , Ducklings, Started and Adult birds from us.

We keep and maintain our flocks as you would at your own home.

All of our fowl are fed wholesome grains with non medicated formulas so you get as wholesome a product as possible whether it be for a pet a friend or for the table.

We also breed and hatch all of our own birds shown on this site

All pictures are our own birds.

We hope you enjoy your visit at our site and come back to see what has changed.

Thank You for your interest.

10 Responses to About Us

  1. Kristin Davis says:

    I would love to order wheaten ameraucauna chicks for this spring. When would be the best time to place my order bearing in mind they will need to ship to VT?

  2. Laurie Ashley says:

    I really love the 10 Ameraucana babies you sent me earlier this year,  and I would like to order more.  Either hatching eggs or chicks, whichever you will have available soonest.  Thanks!

  3. Patti Norris says:

    We are starting a breeding operation and have decided to start with Ameraucanas. We have some Lavender hatching eggs on order and would like to also have some Black Ameraucanas to breed to them and hopefully raise them together. Do you know when you will have some available? 

  4. Tracy Morris says:

    I would like to get 12 Blue wheaten chicks this Spring… How much to ship to 28585? Thanks

  5. David Harcrow says:

    Hello I ordered some shipping foam from you, just wondering when it will be shipped?

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