Royal Palm Turkey


Royalm Palm Turkey



Male; 16-22 lbs

Female; 10-12 lbs.

The Royal Palm is considered a domestic breed of turkey. One of the few turkeys not primarily bred  for meat production.  The Royal Palm is mostly kept as an ornamental turkey with a unique appearance, largely white with bands of black. Generally loved as an exhibition bird.

The Royal palm first appeared around the 1920s on a small farm in Lake Worth, Florida, believed to be a cross between Black, Bronze, Narragansett, and native turkeys. through Years of selective breeding to stabilize the coloring, it was finally accepted by the APA Standards of perfection in 1971. With the decline of most heritage breeds of turkey after the adoption of the broad breasted whites by the turkey industry, They are a very endangered breed today. The American livestock breeds conservancy still categorizes the breed as critical on its watchlist, the highest priority of conservation and thanks to somewhat renewd interest in the breed may one day be moved to watched status. They are a true heritage breed of domestic turkey.

The toms are generally non-aggressive and excellent displayers. The hens are also a generally non agressive bird and great mothers but can be testing when with young. They make very appealing and good natured pets overall.

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