Cinnamon Teal Duck


Average length:
Males: 16 inches
Females: 15 inches
Average weights:
males:  11 ounces
Female: 13 ounces
The male cinnamon teal has a reddish cinnamon colored head ,Brest,neck and underside with a greenish iridescent plumage which is separated from a blue shoulder patch by a white strip. Their back and tail have a dull brown look  with yellow legs a black bill and red eyes.
The female cinnamon teal has a brownish grey head brown chest and sides with an olive colored back and blue wing patch. Their bill is a grayish black with a dull yellowish brown feet.
Their breeding habitat is marshes and ponds in western US. and are rare visitors to the east coast of the. Cinnamon Teal generally breed with new mates each year. These birds feed by dabbling. They mainly eat aqautic plants but their diet may include snails and other insects.
The cinnamon teal can be bred in captivity. They can also be srtificially incubated with good results at temps of 99-100 degree and 55-70% humidity for a period of 27-28 days. As with all wild waterfowl it is always best to let the mother and mother nature handle the hatching.
They are extremely skiddish and generally nervous around people but do make beautiful pets if given the proper habitat.
Cinnamon teal are usually considered exotic and require no special license or permit to own.

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