Green Winged Teal Duck




Male; approx. 0.7 lbs.

Female Approx. 0.6 lbs.

The Green winged teal are the smallest of our ducks within North America. They have a short neck and small bill. Males l have a chestnut head with a iridescent green to purple strip coming from their eyes to the back of their neck. The breast is pinkish brown with black speckles,  the back, sides and flanks are a hazed gray and  separated from the chest by a white bar. The wings are brownish gray with a green speculum. The bill is dark gray and the legs and feet area dark gray. Males have a distinctive high-pitched call 
Females are a mottled brown with a brown line that comes from the bill through the eye. The bill is a dark gray and the legs and feet are gray to brownish gray. They have a sharp, high pitched quack when startled but generally are fairly silent.
Green winged teal can and are bred in captivity. Although they and all wild migratory species of duck do have some special  requirements. They can be artificially incubated at a temperature of 99-100 degrees and 55- 70% humidity for a period of 28 days. Although they generally will lay 6-8 eggs their clutch can be extended by removing eggs from her nest early in laying season. It is always a good rule of thumb to allow all wild waterfowl to hatch their own clutch even though you can incubate them with good success.
Green winged teal are considered Migratory waterfowl and may require special permits or licenses to own.

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  1. Charles Schlapkohl says:

    Would love to have some greenwing teal eggs to hatch ourselves.  My aviary has only waterfowl raised from eggs by hand and are a real joy.  Please let me know and Thank you

  2. Charlie says:

    I was wondering if you have any Green wing or CInnamon Teal pairs for sale this year?
    Thanks in Advance?

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