Live Birds available

Check this list regular as it will change from time to time


Birds available

Yellow golden $60 per pr 2 total + shipping 


Erckel Franklin $90 + shipping


Andalusian 1 black male 2 blue hens and 1 splash hen $150+ shipping

1 Ameraucana trio black roo w/2 lavender hens $150 + shipping

Heritage Delaware pr $45 + shipping

18 Responses to Live Birds available

  1. ERICA says:

    Do you have any bantam ee's eggs/pellet/hens for sale? 

  2. Lawrence Chapman says:

    I am looking for a pure bred Domonique roo for my hens, do you have any egg or a chick or young roo for sale? and if so, how much

  3. Christine says:

    I am going to the swap meet Saturday and seen you were bringing choc orpingtons?  What do you have and how much are you asking?  Also, do you have any wood ducks for sale? or green winged teals?  price?  Thank you

  4. Bonnie Bailey says:

    Do you still have the yellow goldens available and how much is shipping? I am in Florence,Ms.

  5. I am looking for 4 pairs of Wood Ducks , 4 pairs of Mandarin Ducks (regular color) , two pairs of White Mandarin Ducks, one pair of Blue Wing Teal, one female Green Wing Teal, one female Ring Teal . Do you have them available  — their age and price– Please reply immediately, Thank you very much for your help, Sincerely Fred in Tampa, Florida

  6. Todd Regan says:

    I am looking for a pair of regular wood ducks and /or a single drake woodie as well as a pair of mandarins do you have any available and what is the cost?

  7. I paid for a pair of yellow pheasants. Need to hear from you about when they will ship. says:

    Please let me know about my yellow pheasant pair order.

  8. D Carr says:

    Would like a trio of black Ams. When do you think they will be available and what age are they? Thank you.

  9. D says:

    If I am able to just buy a black Am roo it would be better as I have many lavender hens already.

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