Foam Egg Shippers

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We put safety in egg shipping.

We fabricate and sell our own line of foam egg shippers designed with the safety and stability of your hatching eggs in mind. They  are custom made for hatching eggs from almost any size eggs you may need to ship. The shippers come pre cut and are easy to use and will save you money and time on all your egg shipping needs. These shippers are thicker than most a provide excellent protection from the Post Offices rough handling of your package. They also help to protect against heat and cold shipping issues. The egg shippers we sell will fit 2 perfectly in a #4 priority box and can safely ship up to 24 small eggs,18 medium eggs or 12 large eggs. 1 shipper can be used to ship up to 12 eggs up to duck size . Look over the illustration and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at and we will gladly help you to use them to the best ability and show you how to maximize your savings. We guarantee you will save time and money on all your egg shipments. Due to recent changes you must put quantity wanted in the left field of pay-pal sign in field It will give proper shipping and quantity count for you there.

Thank you

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12×12 and 6×6 foam pads

Our Quail egg shippers will fit Bobwhite and Coturnix or any small size eggs perfectly with enough padding between
each egg to insure safe and easy shipping of your quail eggs. Each shipper is designed to fit perfectly in a #7 priority box and stack able to a maximum of 5 per box. Each shipper will accommodate 60 eggs with a 300 egg total if needed in one shipment safely to its destination. Each shipper has a minimum of 5/8 inch spacing between each egg  and border with each hole being 7/8 of an inch to insure no eggs will ever touch to insure safe secure shipping of your quail eggs. .  This gives the best spacing and protection of any shipper on the market to our knowledge. We also offer a 1/2 inch pad if needed to cover bottom or top and between each shipper if desired or inserts can be cut to fit whichever works best for your needs.  These shippers will make your quail egg shipping faster,cheaper and more secure than any on the market in our opinion and we hope you agree once you have tried them.
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Our bantam size egg shippers are designed with the same priority to keeping your hatching eggs safe to their destination every time..They are able to ship any bantam size eggs including pheasant with great stability . These shippers are 2 inches thick designed to fit a #7 priority box and will hold up to 24 eggs each . As with several of our shippers we offer 1/2 inch pads if needed or necessary  for your needs.

Bantam eggshippers

Pheasant egg shippers. These are designed to fit a #4 priority box and will fit any small to medium pheasant eggs. They have a 12 egg capacity and 2 will fit perfectly in #4 box with no pads needed to ship up to 24 eggs per shipment. The shippers are designed to have ample spacing between the slots to allow the most protection possible for your egg shipments.They are $2 ea and if needed pads are available 1/2 inch pads are $.60 ea





XL egg shippers. are designed with larger egg shipping safety in mind. We ship larger eggs as in peafowl,turkey,goose, larger duck eggs and found a need to safely ship them to our customers. Each shipper has  a 12 egg capacity and are $3.50 each . We also offer 12x12x1/2 inch pads if needed.These are designed to perfectly fit in a #7 priority box and stack able to 3 high so can ship up to 36 eggs per shipment if needed.




Foam Egg Shippers are sold +  Shipping

We can save you even more money on orders of 100 or more

Once again we GUARANTEE these will save you time and money on all your egg shipping orders.

Thank you and hope to do business with you soon

Read below for helpful tips


Shipped eggs buying and selling

When you purchase shipped eggs always remember 1 main rule CHECK OUT THE SELLER. Its in your best interest to check any and all available feed back or prior customers of a seller before deciding to purchase from them. Any competent breeder will or should have viable feed back on their sales somewhere. 2nd thing to remember is its a risk. If you are not sure that you are willing to risk the cost don't buy shipped eggs in the first place. This comment isn't meant sarcastically just honestly. The deal with shipped eggs is again its a risk . You have many variables involved with having eggs shipped to you. Eggs can get rough handling from the post offices,boxes crushed, thrown around (We all know postal employees aren't all handling packages with care) boxes being x-rayed ( I have been told they don't do this anymore but who trusts the government to tell the truth) boxes left out in the heat/cold.Boxes lost in the mail. It is also your responsibility to make every effort possible to pick up eggs shipped to you as soon as possible. Always ask the seller to supply you with a delivery confirmation number (DC#) so that you can keep track on where your eggs are and know when they arrive at your local PO. All the factors have to be accepted as possibles and can ruin a perfectly packed great set of nice eggs. With these circumstances it can cause bad relations between a buyer and seller at no particular parties actual fault. Its all in how a buyer and seller communicate as to working through any of these type issues. On the other hand buyers are sometimes fooled into buying what they think is a good product and end up with a bad seller. All sellers should pack their eggs to be shipped as professionally possible to assure the eggs their shipping have the best possible chance of making it safe to their buyer and as decent a hatch as possible. Whether it be foam shippers (which I use fabricate and sell, bubble wrap Which is used by many) sawdust,foam tube ETC. Packaged in boxes that fit the need of the size of the order. Eggs from a seller should be as fresh as possible when shipped as the longer an egg sits it loses fertility a little each day, after a period of time they will be rendered un hatch able (In general I try to ship only what I can collect in a max of 3 days) In my opinion any seller that doesn't take all precautions possible is not doing what a good breeder should.Sellers have the burden in general in eggs sales as we are to a point responsible for the eggs getting collected,packed and shipped correctly as possible from our end. Making sure we communicate with the customer as best possible ( I even lack here sometimes but try) One thing I have found helps is make sure you supply a buyer with a delivery confirmation number (DC#) I always track every package I mail out and know when it arrives at the buyers PO  Ask a few some will tell you I have told them when it was there before they knew it. This gives you the knowledge of the type of buyer your dealing with as all aren't good buyers. Even further some are either un knowledge able  of this process or just out right terrible buyers and if you've sold many eggs you have found at least one of what I am referencing too. It is just a matter of business you either have or eventually will meet one.Once you've done all you can do to give the best assurance of a no hassle shipment that's about all you can do ANYONE buying eggs to be shipped needs to understand that all issues are not always a sellers fault or obligation to refund you or replace anything. Most honest sellers will work with customers to achieve a happy result. That is not to be considered a right but a privilege from the seller to make you happy. NO seller can control anything in shipping once it leaves their hands and no buyer can either so this is a must for mutual respect of a seller and buyer to understand. As long as the seller did all they could that's actually the end of their responsibility to a buyer. It is upon the buyer to be honest and true for the seller as well and no one can blame a seller in full  for low hatch rates it just goes that way sometimes.

21 Responses to Foam Egg Shippers

  1. Jodi Hartman says:

    Hi, I would be interested in purchasing 4 or 5 of the 12 egg pheasant / bantam egg shippers plus top / bottom padding, shipping to zip code 14823, how much would I be looking at, and how do I order?

    • Mike says:

      Jodi shipping would be $10.72 with 5 shippers and 10 pads total $25.22 Can ship up to 20 at that shipping price. The pads on these are not a definite need as they stand in the box to perfection and inserts are cut to fit 🙂
      You can paypal to or call 318-518-8467 leave msg if no answer please

  2. Stephanie says:

    What size foam shipper and USPS box do you recommend for call duck eggs?  I ship 1/2 dozen at a time, sometimes a dozen at a time.  Would I have to trim the egg holes? Do I need pads?  Could you give me a total incl. shipping for purchasing 10 shippers (and pads if you recommend) and a maximum number you could ship at that shipping price?  Thanks so much.

  3. Camille says:

    I would be interested in purchasing foam egg shippers for chickens. Have you some shippers with 36 chickens eggs of capacity (12"*12") (1 1/2" hole maybe)?
    Are you made deliveries in Europe?


  4. Ron rector says:

    Do eggs lay flat or stand up in your foam chicken egg shipper? What are the dimensions?

  5. Sue says:

    I am looking to ship a high number of duck eggs through the mail to wholesalers. Can you give me the options for foam shipping with the pads. Please provide bulk purchasing prices also with shipping to 57793. Thanks.

  6. Cindy Gibson says:

    Which size foam egg shipper would work best for guinea fowl eggs?

  7. Michele Haldi says:

    What foam shipper do you recommend for sending 12 chicken eggs? Would I need to purchase extra padding?  What would be the price for the complete set and the quantify required to maximize shipping?
    Thank you
    Michele Haldi

  8. JACK BELL says:

    Is this site still active?

  9. John Garrett says:

    We are interested in your quail egg shippers which hold 60 eggs each. I see that each shipper is $3.00 but I havent found a proce for the 1/2 inch top and bottom foam. I would be buying 100+ at a time. Any other information and amy quantity discount information would be great

  10. Eva says:

    Love love LOVE these! This has cut my packaging time tremendously and the eggs are arriving in better shape than the old recommended methods. Those of you waiting to try these, please try just a couple if your not sure, it is well worth it!

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