You can order chicks , ducklings,hatching eggs, juvenile birds and adult birds directly from us when available.

Go to this link http://paradisepoultryandwaterfowl.com/hatching-eggs-chicks-for-sale/

Or call us Direct 318-518-8467


12 Responses to Ordering

  1. Cody Adams says:

     I was wondering how much a pair of palawon peacock pheasants are?

  2. sarah witherspoon says:

    I am looking for a silver or splash swedish hen duck or a few of them.  Do you all carry these and don't show them on your site?  Do you have any of laying age?  Thanks for your time.

  3. Gene says:

    Do you have any ameraucanas for sale.  Looking for either chicks or pullets. Do you ship,
    when can i make a purchase , prices

  4. Roger says:

    Looking for a male wood duck, need price and availability

  5. Darrell De Cambra says:

    Looking for Palawan Pheasant hatching eggs. Do you ship to Hawaii?

  6. Zaid Payan says:

    Hello I'm looking to purchase a pair of mandarin Ducks as well as wood ducks? Are any available at the moment?

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