Palawan Pheasant


The Palawan Peacock-Pheasant (Polyplectron napoleonis) is a medium-sized (up to 50 cm long) 


The adult male is the most peacock-like member of the pheasant family in appearance. It has an erectile crest and highly iridescent electric blue-violet, metallic green-turquoise dorsal plumage. It breast and ventral regions are dark black. The flight feathers are wide, flat, and rigid. Their terminal edges are squared. Each tail plume and upper-tail covert is marked with highly iridescent, light reflective. The tail is erected and expanded laterally together with the body of the birds. The male also raise one wing and lower the other, laterally compressing the body during pair-bonding, courtship displays.

The female is slightly smaller than the male. Its contour feathering is cloudy silt in color. The mantle and breast are a dark sepia in coloration. The flight feathers are essentially similar to those of the male. Throughout, their feathering is earthen and difficult to distinguish from the substrate and branches. While it has similar proportions of the tail to the male, its markings are not as visually stunning. Like the male, the female has a short crest and is whitish on the throat, cheeks and eyebrows.

Chicks are vivid ginger and cinnamon colored with prominent yellow markings. Juveniles of both sexes in the first year closely resemble their mothers. Juvenile males in their second year more closely resemble their fathers. 

Like other peacock-pheasants, Palawan males and some females exhibit multiple spurs on the legs. These are used in anti-predator defense, foraging in leaf litter and contests with other males. The male Palawan digs slight depressions in which it orients its body during postural display behaviors. The bird vibrates loudly of the flight feather quills. 

Palawan Peacock-Pheasants are strong fliers. Their flight is swift, direct and sustained

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