Our Wild Waterfowl

We offer several breeds of Wild  Waterfowl. Some require a special license and permits in some states and you are responsible for obtaining that information prior to purchase.
We take great pride in the purity and beauty of all our waterfowl and hope you will also.
Juvenile ducks are usually all we sell in our Wild Waterfowl breeds.
Please feel free to contact us for pricing as prices may change due to seasons,availability,weather and other various circumstances.
If you don't see what you are looking for here please contact us as we may be able to find it for you
Hope you enjoy the pictures and the information throughout our site.


Wood duck


  Silver Wood Duck   

Silver wood duck 


Cinnamon Teal




Green winged teal


Ringed teal


4 Responses to Our Wild Waterfowl

  1. Justin lee says:

    Interested in your wild waterfowl ..can u please send me a price list and shipping quote to South Carolina , thanks justin 

  2. Nick Caspar says:

    Do you have any Green wing or Cinnamon Teal available for sale at this time? Thank you
    Nick Caspar

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