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Phone: 1-318-518-8467 For orders or pick ups.

We appreciate every customer and hope to do business with you for years to come.

14 Responses to Contact us

  1. Timothy Miller says:

    Hi, will you have any Teals for sale this year?  I'm moving from Calls to Teals and am anxious to get started.  

  2. Don Kurth says:

    Do you sell tadpoles in larger quantities than on eBay? How much?
    Thank you. 
    Don Kurth
    (909) 229-3832

  3. Barnabas says:

    I am unable to send you an email as it comes back undelivered. Please suggest an alternate means of communication.

    Thank you.

  4. Maryellen Tussey says:

    Hi I'm looking for silkies, don't really want chicks but good quality. Would like to show and also some for breeding. Do you have any?

  5. joe wittstock says:

    want Ruddy shell ducks     please respond

  6. Sandra Wempren says:

    Looking at your site, how much are the silver wood ducks and do you have any available?

  7. Samuel Lopez says:

    What is the best way to get ahold of you guys regarding orders?

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