Mallard Duck




Average weight

Male: 2.8 pounds

Female: 2.4 pounds



Mallard ducks are probably the most known and recognized species of duck and are the beginning of many domestic duck breeds. Mallard ducks are most common on farm ponds, lakes and marshes, The mallard is one of the most sought after ducks for hunters.  The mallard makes an excellent farm pond duck being with ample feed they will generally stay located on your favorite pond for many years. Their great flying ability makes them less of an easy target for predators and are beautiful to watch flying around your property.  They will offer you hours upon hours of entertainment playing and flying around your property.

During the nesting cycle it is recommended to try and provide as safe a nesting area as possible for your hens to hatch their young with no predator risks if at all possible. They are at their most vulnerable when sitting eggs. One way to accomplish this is to find a suitable spot (usually found by the hens themselves or in specific pens) and put temporary fencing around this area. A good guardian dog is also a really nice benefit.

Males have an iridescent green head with a white ring around the neck.The sides are a grey with a brownish back and black tail with white outer feathers.The wing is violet blue with black and white border.

Female mallards have a mottled brownish color with the violet blue wing patch bordered by black and white .The bill is brownish orange splotched with orange feet and legs.

When looking for mallards make sure to get them from reputable breeders as the mallard is one of  the most mixed bred ducks. True domestic mallards are hard to find and can only be bred true in isolated breeding.  They will interbreed with almost any  other duck of equal or close to equal in size and type.

We pride ourselves on having one of the closest to wild Mallard flocks in any domestic breeding program.


 Mallard are considered migratory waterfowl and may require special license or permits to own.

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